Weekend Items of Interest (or WII)

This weekend, I spent some time on MSDN and Microsoft.com to see if I saw anything new and interesting. When I do this, I usually email myself interesting links so I can flag them for later. The following list may not be new but it was new to me.
This addin from MSFT provides you with more customization options for printing your calendars. Any tool that gives me more options for printing is fine with me. I have always found Outlook lacking in this area. One caveat here is it requires the .NET Framework 3.0 in order for it to install.
Straight from the front page of MSDN, this tool lets you pick and choose documentation sets from MSDN and compile them either as .CHM or .HSX files. Could be a good way to include MSDN content in help files for your applications…that is, if MSFT allows that sort of thing.
This looks useful. A VS addin that extends the outlining features.
I am late in the game on this I know. Ever since I first heard about it, I have wanted to check it out. I tested it out with some of my code and the results weren’t perfect but still impressive.
Point this tool at an assembly at it will create a sequence diagram. This tool looks to save some documentation time and effort.
Found via Clint Covington’s blog. I’m grew up developing with Access and I love how well Access 2007 integrates with MOSS. If you haven’t connected an Access 2007 to a SharePoint site (v3) site then you should. I built an internal application for my company within 30 minutes. Security, data model, distributed update model, and more were all taken care of with SharePoint. Microsoft should turn up the volume when discussing this feature.  Maybe they have and I just missed it.
The bottom line here is that money is to be made with Access, SharePoint, and Office Live.
A wealth of information in video format. I always bookmark these but never watch them. I think it goes back to my school days when I never listened to the teacher. I’ve always preferred to read. Still, these look really informative.