Office Integration Site at MSDN

I don’t know how I haven’t seen this site (Office Integration). I just saw it on the MSDN home page. If you are developing with Office and/or integrating data into Office, this site is worth a look.




I took a quick look and the site is really a landing page to help advertise existing Office content. Even so, the site does a good job of grouping content in a new way (versus grouping by each Office application).

Office Integration is just one topic in the realm of Office Business Applications (OBAs). OBAs are making Office-related topics increasingly relevant. VSTO already turns Office development into a pleasant experience. VSTO 2008 will only make better as it targets Office 2007.

When VSTO 2008 releases, Microsoft will unleash their marketing budget and sell the hell out of OBAs. Projects involving Office Integration will continue to gain ground. I believe this to be true not just because Microsoft’s marketing engine will be running at full steam, but because VSTO 2008 does a great job of emulating the WinForm developer model.

Back to the Office Integration site. I recommend you learn about Office Integration now and read the topics that interest you. You will be ahead of the curve and ready for VSTO 2008. Here is the list of the integration topics:

Technical Articles