Xobni Sets Its Sights on the Enterprise

I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile. I’m a fan of Xobni and have found it to be a useful addition to my Outlook inbox. I have enjoyed Xobni’s integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I find it interesting, if not useful, to quickly see what the person who sent me an email has had to say in the social realm. It helps me understood who they are, etc.

Despite Xobni integration with these tools they lack integration with other key technologies that I use on a daily basis…like Microsoft SharePoint. Also, Xobni has not been an open platform for developers. SDK and other tools to allow developers to extend Xobni have not been available…until now.


Xobni Enterprise

Xobni enterprise provides organizations with the ability to deploy the Xobni Outlook client and centrally manage the features available to employees. The server component is accessible through an admin web site. Via the admin portal, you can control deployment to groups of Active Directory users. You can also activate/deactivate Xobni Enterprise features.

Xobni Enterprise includes features for end-users as well. For example:

  • AutoSuggest
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Unlimited PSTs
  • Appointments and Tasks

Xobni Developer SDK

With Xobni Enterprise arrives a Xobni SDK for anyone that wants to extend Xobni. From reading their press release, it looks like integration with just about any type of application will be possible.


  1. 80Hunt says:

    I wanted to tell you, that searchtools for Outlook are essential for work. They save time and the users have much less stress.

    I’m a Lookeen-user and I, of course, think that Lookeen is the best searchtool in this world :)

    The main problem is that Microsoft has not been able to give Outlook a powerful search-feature. That’s not a problem for users which get 1 or 2 mails per day, but if one uses Outlook for work, the e-mail-flood is a big problem.
    Thats the point and I want to thank the developers of such searchtools for making my everydays business much easier!

    Here is the link for my favourite searchtool
    http://www.lookeen.net (the best ;))

  2. Clive Wilson says:

    Best is:

    Lookeen HAS all enterprise features already: Group policies, Central indexing, share point support! Its administrators paradise!


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