Office 365 News Clips–SharePoint On-Premises isn’t leaving the building

It’s been 17 days since the last O365 SNUSE Letter.
To some, no doubt that is good news.
But others (dare we say it is the majority?) feel as if a light (or a small glimmer of hope) has been snuffed out before it could shine brightly.

Where did it go (this light)?
Will it be granted time enough to shine brighter and brighter?

Suffice it to say it will take more than a cat & some asphalt (biking accident, long story) to stop this newsletter.

Hope is alive friends and this light will shine-on.
We are back to abuse your inbox another time.


This remains a new endeavor, therefore, let’s review the rules one more time.
There is a general format to the O365 SNUSE Letter:

  • There a several sections.
  • In each section are several news items.
  • Each news item has a short summary.
  • The idea is you can read the newsletter and pretty much know just what’s going on with Office 365 (& MSFT) this week.
  • If you want the full details, click the link and read the original article.

Office 365 & SharePoint News Clips

Let’s lead with the news related to OneNote for iPad updates. OneNote now includes OCR capability.

  • Microsoft brings its digital ink to the iPad with OneNote handwriting update :: I wonder if this is  something we could eventually tap into via iOS and O365 APIs. It would be cool to provide additional capabilities to users after they scan a document in OneNote.
  • Analysts Outline Microsoft’s 2015 Product Roadmap :: The premier edition of O365 Snuse contained roadmap related links. It is an important topic and we’ll include related links here early and often. There is news here regarding O365, Office 16, Windows 10 y más.
  • The SharePoint Journey :: “This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. Good God, how did I get here?” If you find yourself asking these question related to SharePoint, read this brief history to jog your memory.
  • SharePoint MVPs: ‘On-Prem is Very Much Alive and Well’ :: Thank you very much. Worth a read (or it wouldn’t have made the list). Interesting quotes on both sides of the “Alive or Dead” argument. Either way, On-premises isn’t going away anytime soon. Don’t forget, there are companies out there still using Lotus Notes. A key difference here is MSFT continues to invest in SharePoint.

The Cloud :: An Infographic

Below is a screenshot taken while reading the news. The source is lost and a Google search proved unproductive. The graphic really sums up why the cloud is kind of a big deal (for all organizations…not just PSOs).


Office 365 Developer Notes

  • Developing Native iOS Apps using the Office 365 SDK for iOS :: For the next time you find yourself with nothing to do. Why not learn a bit of iOS and O365 programming? Maybe you can figure out how to hook into OneNote for iPad?
  • O365 Developer Podcast :: Hear from one of the key team members that brought us Agaves…aka Apps for Office. MSFT had to do something to provide extensibility that will support desktop, web, and mobile versions of their apps. This is it. MSFT pretty much screwed this up on the first release. They have enough money to get it right and the signs are they are closing in on a good model.
  • Use PowerShell to Add Headers to Word Documents :: In the future, we will only code with PowerShell. Add to your skills by completing this tutorial.

Microsoft News Clips

Bits & Pieces

Overhead While on GoToMeetingclip_image004

Sometimes people say something great. Some quotes are deep, some are silly, and some are so simple they could be the basis of a book. Here is a quote from last week worth repeating.

That’s it and that’s all.
We’ll try to do better next time.
Enjoy your week and don’t hurt yourself out there.

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