Office 365 News Clips–What is Office Delve, etc.

It’s Friday morning!
The work week is almost over…
Football season is over and baseball season is yet to start.
It’s the sports fans’ version of Purgatory (unless you like basketball or hockey…in which case, whatever).



There is a general format to the O365 SNUSE Letter:

  • There a several sections.
  • In each section are several news items.
  • Each news item has a short summary.
  • The idea is you can read the newsletter and pretty much know just what’s going on with Office 365 (& MSFT) this week.
  • If you want the full details, click the link and read the original article.

Office 365 News ClipsClippy

Look, if you are of a certain age you know all about Clippy. This section takes its name in tribute to this eager-yet-unhelpful Office Assistant. And Clippy, this is a newsletter! Dang it.

Office 365 Developer Notes

Microsoft News Clips

Bits & Pieces

A few items that necessarily fit anywhere but are worth including nonetheless…

  • Outlook for iOS :: Microsoft built one of the best mail apps for the iPhone and the did it the best way possible…they purchased an existing app (Accompli) and rebranded it. That’s how decrease “time to market” folks.
  • Trek adopts Power BI :: Trek purchased our software and used PS to install it and configure it. They recently implemented Power BI and MSFT loves them for it. In the future, we want to be in the middle of this type of work.
  • Play Monopoly in Excel :: Excel is more than just nerdy accountants crushing numbers. Read the creator’s comments here.
  • SNL Mocks Clippy :: His name is Pushy and he is here to help. We started with Clippy and we’ll end with Clippy’s cousin. This is how you tie things together people.

That’s it and that’s all.
We’ll try to do better next time.
Have a great week and don’t hurt yourself out there.

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