Office 365 News Clips – Office 2016 Preview is here

Well hello there and Happy Tuesday to you!
This time it’s been exactly a month and a day (29 days total) since the last O365 SNUSE Letter.
We apologize and we assure you there were extenuating circumstances that caused the delay.

For example:

  1. Typing is hard with a gimpy handy – This is a self-correcting problem. The pins will be removed soon (allegedly).
  2. Disney Cruises make you question everything – How did I get here? How do I work this? What is the definition of fun? Do I agree with this definition? Is it possible to have too much of it? What is that large automobile?
  3. Work – You can go on vacation but, rest assured your work does not. In fact, it multiplies. There is a theory that the reproductive rates of “work items” increases by a factor of 10 when you go on vacation. It might be due to a lack of oversight & control…similar to when parents leave town for a couple of days and their son invites all his close friends to party at his house. It’s a risky business, vacations.

Luckily for you (& all of us really), the Office 365 world remained busy producing loads of news items for our consideration.

Office 365 & SharePoint News Clips

  • Office 2016 Public Preview ready for your testing amusement :: We will have a new Office version sometime this year. The bet here is Q4 of 2015. If they release it earlier than that, MSFT can’t call it Office 2016 and look themselves in the mirror. But if they release it in October, they can do their best Stuart Smalley and say, “And doggone it, that’s close enough to 2016 that people will like it.
  • First look at the Office 2016 Preview for Windows :: Read this if you want to know what the future is like but don’t want to install it.
  • Office 2016 for Mac :: It’s about time! Maybe the wait is worth it. I’m running it and so far it is fast and the UI is clean. In typical Mac fashion, you can’t customize squat! Outlook supports the Office App Store but it looks like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint do not. That’s interesting. Seems like a major omission to me but who cares because these apps or so pretty!!

I like all these versions of Office (in addition to the iOS and Android versions). It shows MSFT is embracing their roots as the best creators of software on the planet. The developer-side of me loves that all these versions will give IT Infrastructure-types an ulcer or two.

Office 365 Developer Notes

  • PSImaging Part 3: Group-ImageFile :: I read this and thought it was kinda cool. Then I looked at who the author was and said, “Oh, I gotta include this in the next SNUSE letter!” There is a Part 1 and a Part 2 as well. These are some good PowerShell samples.
  • Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode 038 on SharePoint Server :: I keep linking to these podcasts but I’ve only listened to a few of them. This is due to 1) I l am too busy producing my own Podcast (ahem hosting GoToMeetings), 2) in my off-hours I’m a part-time bus driver, 3) I prefer to read instead of listen. I’m betting you are more of an auditory learning so, grab a Pot Belly and listen during lunch. You’ll learn something and be entertained by Mr. Thake’s accent.

Microsoft News Clips

  • Skype for Business is here :: C’mon MSFT, pick a name and stick with it! Maybe Skype will do the trick. Read about it for yourself if you want but know this,Pig_quote Skype for Business is really only Lync re-branded. It’ s Lipstick on a pig if you ask me.  But hey, if the pig’s name is MSFT, I still love it. FWIW, there is a download link in the article. I will not provide it here. That would be too easy.
  • Acrobat strategy coalesces into Adobe Document Cloud :: You are correct, this is not (necessarily) Microsoft-related. It is cloud-related and I didn’t want to create a separate heading. Be sure you read this one. Knowing info like this can be the difference between looking smart vs looking dumb in a client’s eyes. Unfortunately, info like this does little to change your current intellectual status (smart or dumb)…but sometimes, appearance is all that matters. Read-on my friend and know how Adobe is formulating their cloud model.
  • Complex, Legacy Code Creates Security Headaches for Microsoft Users :: A wise software engineering sage once told me, “This would be easy if not for all my damn users!” Truer words have never been said.

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That’s it and that’s all.
We’ll try to do better next time.
Enjoy your week and don’t hurt yourself out there (i.e. watch out for cats).