Ty Anderson is a partner at Cogent Company in Dallas, Texas. He spends his time consulting and building software using Microsoft technologies.

In addition to consulting, Ty writes frequently about Microsoft products including VSTO, SharePoint, Office, SQL Server, etc. and his work has been published on MSDN, Devx, DevSource, Simple-Talk.com, and CIO.com. Those who know Ty best stand in awe and amazement of 2 things: 1) His incredible good looks and 2) his cynical and sarcastic (and sometimes offensive) behavior.

Look for Ty at any tech conference as he will be wearing his yellow Oakland Athletics hat. Say hello, and as he might just offer to buy you pint.

In the meantime, you can read his latest ramblings regarding all things technical right here on OfficeDeveloper.NET.

And if you need some great consultants that know Microsoft, visit his company’s site at and give them a ring.