A Professional Developer’s Intro to the Office Development Platform

Thanks to everyone attended my sessions at Tech Ed North America and at SharePoint TechFest. It was a lot of fun and everyone had great questions. This type of session is a challenge due to the plethora of overlapping technologies involved.  Hopefully, the session did as advertised:


Provide an understanding of the developer technologies provided by the Office platform and explain when to use each technology.

You will leave here with an understanding of when to use Office technologies like Open XML, VSTO, SharePoint Document Services (Word, Excel, Visio), SharePoint REST API & Client Object Model, Business Connectivity Services, etc., and how to build them.

I have attached the slide deck and the demo code to this post. As a I mentioned at the beginning of the session, the MSDN Office Developer Map is a great place to go to find content related to any Office Development task. Here is the link:


The session deck has even more links and I’ll post a ton of material so be sure and check those out as well.


Download the files here.

Setting up Windows 7 for Office & SharePoint 2010 Beta Development

So I decided to get my Windows 7 laptop installed with all the latest public Betas this week which includes Visual Studio Beta 2, SharePoint 2010 Beta and Office 2010 Beta. I had been using internal builds and thought it would be better to get in sync with everyone else in the community. I have to say there were a couple bumps that I experienced along the way that had me scratching my head and searching the web so I thought I’d consolidate all the resources I found and document the steps I did which resulted in a successful install.

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Setting up Windows 7 for Office & SharePoint 2010 Beta Development

Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 PDC Keynote in Depth

Kurt starts today’s discussion with a quick conversation on the Business Productivity Infrastructure. If you know the Office and SharePoint environment well, this is probably something you’ve seen us discuss before. It was at PDC08 when we announced that we will be releasing Office Web Applications that provide a high-fidelity & consistent experience for users who want to access and modify Office content in a browser, mobile device or the rich client

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Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 PDC Keynote in Depth

Windows 7!!!


Now what?

UPDATED: this link might help…at least it describes what is new & different in Windows 7 besides turning my desktop into a fish tank. I don’t like fish. In fact, I am very uninspired by them. I don’t understand why this is the image the Windows team chose to introduce me to Windows 7.  But is Monday and I’m a bit cranky.

New Site aggregates SharePoint Developer Topics…

Microsoft has a new site that helps you get started using SharePoint in your development efforts. The site aggregates virtual labs, webcasts, white papers, tutorials and other related content. Instead of searching everywhere for good code to steal, you can go to this site and find what you need to get started with SharePoint development


The site covers the foundational topics of SharePoint development such as:

  • building Web Parts
  • working with SharePoint Data Lists
  • creating custom Workflows
  • creating Event Handlers
  • Designing custom Themes (or Brands)
  • using SharePoint Web Services
  • creating custom Content types
  • and more (i.e. Silverlight, page navigation, user management, etc)

The site reminds me of the Interactive Developer Map (IDM) available at the Office Developer Portal. The IDM highlights what you can do with WPF while also providing a tool that aggregates content related to Office development (i.e. VSTO, SharePoint, & more).