Easily Adding SafeControls in SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010

Many SharePoint developers know that deploying your SharePoint customization to a SharePoint server often requires you to tinker the web.config of the sites where you’d like to see the customization in action. You can do these web.config modifications manually (not advisable), or automate them with the help of the SPWebConfigModification class from the Object Model. But quite often it’s not even necessary to use that class; when you deploy your customizations with the help of a Solution (.WSP file), like you should, the Solution deployment mechanism can modify the Web.Config to apply the most commonly used changes

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Easily Adding SafeControls in SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010

Customize the Outlook Home Page (You Can if You Want To)

While catching up on blogs tonight I found a sample Visual Studio project that shows how to use WPF to customize the homepage of an Outlook folder. I have always been intrigued with the possibility of creating a really cool folder customization that would summarize my Outlook data, make me more productive, etc…but then I decide I’m just not that into being productive…unless cash money is involved. For some reason that seems to help the motivation factor.  


So I wonder…Is customizing Outlook folder homepages a popular thing to do? I don’t run into too many clients asking for this type of Outlook extension. In fact I haven’t run into any. Maybe it’s just me and I am missing out. You tell me.

Anyway…here is the link to the sample project:


Outlook 2007 Add-in: Folder Homepage View Customization

Also, here is an article that discusses the topic further. I scanned it and it looks good.

Outlook Folder Homepage: Hosting WPF, ActiveX and Windows Forms controls

I am sure if needed I can build a truly kick-ass folder home page. If I ever choose to do so however, I will use the add-in framework provided by Add-In-Express. They make this sort of thing easy.