A Professional Developer’s Intro to the Office Development Platform

Thanks to everyone attended my sessions at Tech Ed North America and at SharePoint TechFest. It was a lot of fun and everyone had great questions. This type of session is a challenge due to the plethora of overlapping technologies involved.  Hopefully, the session did as advertised:


Provide an understanding of the developer technologies provided by the Office platform and explain when to use each technology.

You will leave here with an understanding of when to use Office technologies like Open XML, VSTO, SharePoint Document Services (Word, Excel, Visio), SharePoint REST API & Client Object Model, Business Connectivity Services, etc., and how to build them.

I have attached the slide deck and the demo code to this post. As a I mentioned at the beginning of the session, the MSDN Office Developer Map is a great place to go to find content related to any Office Development task. Here is the link:


The session deck has even more links and I’ll post a ton of material so be sure and check those out as well.


Download the files here.

Speaking at Dallas SharePoint Developer Group

I will be taking my international road show just down the street to speak at this month’s Dallas SharePoint Developer Group meeting.


I’ll be covering How To Integrate Sharepoint With Office And Line-Of-Business Applications.

What I plan to do is show-off how to use Office as the front-end to solutions that work with SharePoint.


For fun, I’ll show how to integrate data from a sales database as well as an accounting program.

It will be fun. And if it isn’t…well, at the least there will be pizza. Never hurts to serve food at these things to keep everyone happy.